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We are proud to announce that our founder and president, Adriana Mema, has been featured in an inspiring article on Humber College’s School of Applied Technology news page. The piece, titled “Faculty Who Lead to Inspire: Adriana Mema,” showcases her remarkable contributions both as an educator and a leader in the construction industry.

Adriana has long been a part of the Humber community, where she impacts the lives of many aspiring engineers and architects through her role as a professor in the Civil Engineering Technology program. Her commitment to education and mentorship is driven by her belief in the transformative power of learning and the importance of safety in the construction sector.

The article highlights Adriana’s journey from Albania to Canada, her academic achievements, and the founding of Adriatica with a vision to enhance safety standards in the construction industry. It delves into her role as an educator who not only teaches but also continuously learns from her students, fostering an environment of mutual growth and respect.

Under her guidance, Adriatica has grown to provide essential safety training, audits, and policy development across Ontario, with a significant emphasis on inclusivity and community involvement. Her work extends beyond the company, touching educational reforms and international safety protocols.

As we celebrate this recognition, we invite you to read more about Adriana’s inspiring career and her enduring dedication to both education and the betterment of the construction industry.

Follow this link for a full read of Adriana’s feature on the Humber College website

Thank you to everyone who supports our vision at Adriatica, where we continue to strive for excellence in construction safety and leadership.