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We are thrilled to share that Adriatica has been featured in a recent issue of the GTA Construction Report magazine. This article highlights the journey of our founder, Adriana Mema, from her origins in Albania to becoming a leading figure in the Canadian construction industry.

Seventeen years ago, Adriana Mema moved to Canada with a dream to pursue her passion for building. Today, she stands as the president of Adriatica Safety Consulting Inc. and serves as a professor in the Civil Engineering Technology program at Humber College. With a robust academic background, including Masters’ Degrees in Civil Engineering and Heavy Civil Construction Management from the University of Washington, Adriana has successfully combined her extensive knowledge with real-world application to lead Adriatica forward.

Starting in 2004, after gaining experience and mentorship at companies like Rafat General Contracting Inc. and Bondfield Construction, Adriana and her husband Tim established Adriatica Construction. The company began by providing basic in-house safety training and has since expanded its services to include comprehensive safety audits, policy development, and specialized training programs across Ontario. Notably, Adriatica has made significant strides in collaborating with First Nations groups on several northern Ontario capital projects, emphasizing the importance of safety and sustainable building practices.

Our operations have grown to offer a wide range of safety inspections and audits throughout the province, leveraging a team of multidisciplinary engineers. This growth in capability is matched by our dedication to education, as Adriatica actively develops safety curricula for colleges and universities, ensuring that students graduate with essential safety training and knowledge.

Despite the industry’s challenges, particularly for women and immigrants, Adriana’s story is one of perseverance and leadership. She continues to advocate for increased female participation in construction to achieve gender balance and equality within the sector.

As Adriatica prepares to expand further, opening a second office in the GTA’s west end this fall, we invite you to learn more about our journey and our future aspirations.

For a full read of the feature in the GTA Construction Report magazine, please click here to read the full article.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission to elevate safety and education in construction.